Interesting business in Turkey/dotless i

From: Robert C. Parker (
Date: Fri Aug 14 1998 - 15:22:15 EDT

Wow. I wonder what your Turkish customers (if you have any) will think
of losing one of the letters in their alphabet to the Euro sign??

Speaking of Turkey, I was just there and visited a busines (Internet
Securities, Inc. ). They provide information
from news sources in Emerging Markets countries to their subscribers.
It's sort of a Lexxis Nexxis. I asked the head of their technical
staff if they were looking at Unicode for the future. He said no, and
I didn't really have any sources of information to give him on why it
would be a good idea to stay aware of Unicode and think about switching
to it in the future.

Does a bibliography of articles about Unicode from the popular press
exist?? I'd like to refer him to it.
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> Hold on to your hats (or something!), IBM has indeed changed
> code page 850.
> But we have also created a new code page which is 858 (850
> with the dotless i,
> 0xD5, replaced by euro). The OS/2 platform wants to stick to
> using 850, but
> some of our middleware products want to have the new code
> page to help maintain
> data integrity. 857 is still 857 because adding the euro did
> not replace an
> existing character.
> It's a brave new world,
> Lisa

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