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Date: Sun Aug 16 1998 - 17:52:04 EDT

Assessing Multingual search capabilities on the World Wide Web will
be undertaken by the CEN/TC304 Project Team on Browsing and Matching,
which was approved by CEN/TC304 at its Plenary meeting in June 1998
in Reykjavik.

This Project Team has not yet begun its work, due to other
commitments in standardization work at present, although it might be
expected to begin work around November 1998, when the next CEN/TC304
takes place in Brussels.

The members of the CEN/TC304 Project Team on Browsing and Matching
are as follows:

Project Manager: Marc Kuester, University of Tuebingen (Germany)
Editors: Yves Neuville, Alain La Bonte (acting together in
                 Yves' company in France); and
Reviewer: John Clews, SESAME Computer Projects (UK).

The CEN/TC304 Project Team on Browsing and Matching will be gathering
information fairly shortly, so any responses in relation to this,
sent directly to me as initial contact point, or via this list, and we
will be glad of any contacts.

For information, here are the original replies which prompted this

In message <> "Steven R. L. Millman" writes:
> Hello everyone:
> I'm also very interested in this topic. Would anyone be willing to take a
> shot at answering it for us?
> Many thanks in advance,
> Steven R. L. Millman
> At 11:13 AM 8/14/98 -0700, you wrote:
> >Hi, another question: what is the current development and future
> >trends of multilingual search on the Web (i.e. multilingual information
> >retrieval). Thanks
> >
> >Limin

Best wishes

John Clews

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