Re: Unicode Text Editor OCX

From: Dean Abramson (
Date: Fri Oct 02 1998 - 12:31:06 EDT


We are in the tail end of development of exactly what you may be looking
for. A Unicode, text editor (wrapped in an OCX shell or whatever). In
fact, our advertising states:

  "We'll bet you would be impressed with the speed of [TEA] running on a
   486 with 4 MB of memory."

It should be done in a few weeks, but it is quite close right now.
Note that this is not a mass market product. It will be licensed and
supported on an individual basis to fit the individual customers needs.

Let me know if you may be interested.


> Can anyone recommend a Simple Unicode OCX text editor that can be used with
> VB or Delphi. I'm not looking for masses of functionality, the simpler the
> better. I need the finished application to run well on a 486 or low end
> pentium.
> Your help/experience is appreciated.
> David

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