Re: Devanagari

From: Brendan_Murray/DUB/
Date: Thu Nov 05 1998 - 11:35:36 EST

Michael Fogerty wrote:
> As explained in the other emails, for data storage you do not need user
> defined codes. But in the rendering process you do. At least I believe
> that's the only way when using Truetype fonts in one of the Windows
> operating systems.

I think this is clouding the issue. What happens is that the application passes
the Unicode string (i.e. using only the individual character definitions from
the Unicode standard) to the Windows call (TextOut[W]) and this takes care of
rendering. The intermediate indices into the TT font and/or font collection are
irrelevant for the vast majority of users - these only come into play in font
engines and/or font foundries.


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