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Date: Fri Oct 23 1998 - 03:43:51 EDT

At 9:21 AM -0700 10/21/98, Alain wrote:
>I promised this to Ken Whistler but it could be of interest to others and
>the same exercise could be made in other languages.
>Dated 6 February 1998 (list:, here is what I
>named the "Fontaine alphabet" (author: Jean Fontaine, Montréal), the
>alphabet of silent letters in French (for each letter of the latin
>alphabet, at least one example of a French word where the letter is not
>pronounced). Only challenge so far : the letter v seems always pronounced
>in French. Enjoy!

There is a similar pronunciation guide for English in the book, "Science
Made Stupid" with items such as

b^ as in lamb^
b~ as in b~dellium
g^ as in g^naw
g~ as in g~nu
h. as in gh.ost
k. as in
n` as in damn`
p^ as in p^tarmigan
p` as in p`terodactyl

This is the same book that lists the Fantasides as part of the periodic
table: Cavourite, Kryptonite, Dilithium, and Laetrile.

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