Octothorpe [was: Little lines below]

From: Kenneth Whistler (kenw@sybase.com)
Date: Sat Nov 14 1998 - 00:20:55 EST

For your weekend pleasure, please press "#" and dial:


See question 6.

Neatly balanced by:


  (which also gives the definitions of "lemniscate" and "epizootic", among other great words)

"Octothorpe" clearly strikes a resonant chord in many people, since it makes it
onto so many people's strange trivia lists.

For a comprehensive collection of IT jargon, see:


  (This one is fun reading, and is replicated in many places on the web. See the
   "ASCII" entry for "octothorpe".)



Where we also find that

'=' is a quadrathorpe (half an octothorpe)
'-' is a bithorpe (half a quadrathorpe)

For "The Answer" about the source of "octothorpe", see Ralph Carlsen's
1995/11/28 letter in the Telecom Digest (summary of comp.dcom.telecom newsgroup):


and do a search there for "octothorpe".

! dammit
% mail unicode@unicode.org < octothorpe.junkmail
% --Ken: Command not found ;-)

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