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From: Murray Sargent (
Date: Mon Nov 16 1998 - 19:58:53 EST

Asmus Freytag, with some enthusiastic support from me (it can be used to
support math, as well as Ruby, ...). Note that it's not intended to be used
for interchange; rather it's intended to reserve 3 new code points (open
brace, separator, close brace) that can be used by a program internally
annotation anchors and that won't be used for anything else. In this sense,
it's a content-oriented version of the single (empty) code called the object
replacement character.


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> Who is working on UTR #12, "Support for Interlinear Annotations"?
> For members of my organization, The Summer Institute of Linguistics,
> this is part of our bread and butter, so I'm particularly interested
> in finding out what this document is going to be about. I would really
> appreciate any help in getting in contact with the author(s).

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