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Rick McGowan wrote:
> Unicoders...
> Suppose you had only one sentence, gleaned from the corpus of "classical
> literature" or poetry of your exalted mother tongue, in which to capture that
> language's beauty and cultural essence. What would it be? What sentence
> sums up everything? What great aphorism makes the patriotic pulses pound and
> sets all eyes to watering?
> ...
> Thanks in advance,
> Rick (

Here's one (from Ireland):

Ní fheadar conas é ná cad ina thaobh é, ach tá sé amhlaidh, agus sin a
bhfuil. (= I don't know how it is or why, but that's it the way it is,
and that's all there is to it.)

Ref.: Donnchadh Ó Drisceoil, _Aistí ó Chléire_, edited by Tomás de
Bhaldraithe, published by Clóchomhar, Dublin 1987.

Want more?:-)
Marion Gunn

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