Re: A Search for Exemplary Sentences

From: Einar Indridason (
Date: Wed Nov 18 1998 - 08:52:32 EST

> Some common good test phrases I know are:
> de: Falsches =C3=9Cben von Xylophonmusik qu=C3=A4lt jeden gr=C3=B6=C3=9Fe=
> ren Zwerg
> de: Zw=C3=B6lf Boxk=C3=A4mpfer jagten Sven quer =C3=BCber den Sylter Deic=
> h
> de: Heiz=C3=B6lr=C3=BCcksto=C3=9Fabd=C3=A4mpfung (jqvwxy)
> en: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
> pl: Pchn=C4=85=C4=87 w t=C4=99 =C5=82=C3=B3d=C5=BA je=C5=BCa lub o=C5=9Bm=
> skrzy=C5=84 fig
> Do you know any other sentences that contain all characters or words
> that contain at least all non-ASCII characters of a language?

icelandic: kmi n xi hr ykist jfum n bi vl og drepa
             svr grt an v lpan var nt. (shorter, but doesn't
             contain *all* icelandic characters.)


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