Re: converters

Date: Wed Nov 18 1998 - 09:44:19 EST

> A project that I am working on with the US Department of Defense, is
>a dictionary lookup tool in foreign languages. The language they have
>requested first is Arabic. I was wondering if you had any information on
>converters of ISO-8859-6 Arabic text over to UTF-8 encoding? We are using
>the CYBERBIT font from Bitstream, Inc. on our NT machine.

DIGITAL already ships converters between ISO 8859-6 and UTF-8
for the DIGITAL UNIX and Open VMS platforms, as well as a *large*
group of other converters. Since Michael apparently is using NT,
there may be some additional tools he needs. I am contacting
Michael directly to see if I can help him find the information
he needs.

                -- Sandra
Sandra Martin O'Donnell
Internationalization Consultant
DIGITAL EQUIPMENT, a subsidiary of Compaq Computer Corporation

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