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Date: Wed Nov 18 1998 - 12:52:09 EST

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[Markus] :
>>Do you know any other sentences that contain all characters or words
>>that contain at least all non-ASCII characters of a language?

[Alain] :
>You mean "all essential characters", don't you (otherwise the list will
never be complete, "foreign" characters are imported in a given language,
like the N TILDE of "cañon" in French, the main spelling of thsi word,
whose *alternate spelling* is "canyon"). Same for the macrons used in many
French words of Indic origin, or the ö of "angström", a word that only
exists in French since the original spelling is rather "Ångström".
>Apart from these considerations, this is a good challenge for French, I'll
try to make one sentence (which makes sense) up.

[Alain] :
Here it is, enhancing the previous anonymus quote between square brackets:
"[Portez ce vieux whisky au juge blond qui fume] sur son île intérieure, à
côté de l'alcôve ovoïde, où les bûches se consument dans l'âtre, ce qui lui
permet de penser à la cænogenèse de l'être dont il est question dans la
cause ambiguë entendue à Moÿ, dans un capharnaüm qui, pense-t-il, diminue
çà et là la qualité de son œuvre" (anonyme+Alain LaBonté).

Put it in upper case to have uppercase equivalent.

Done quickly, but it makes sense.

Alain LaBonté

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