Re: A Search for Exemplary Sentences

From: Rick McGowan (
Date: Wed Nov 18 1998 - 15:38:32 EST

Thanks all!

So far, I have seen many replies to my query... Unfortunately maybe the
query hasn't been understood very well, or perhaps people just want a nice
chummy on-line chat.

Of the two dozen or so replies so far, fewer than five are useful, and the
majority were tangential commentary... Perhaps my note was unclear.

Rather than pangrams, I'm searching for marvelous and timeless quotes from
the great literary traditions of the world. That's why I quoted Shakespeare,
Andersen, Lao Tzu, and Tristan Tzara... I'm searching for original-language
quotes -- moving, quintessential, inspiring, but short quotes -- from great
books of the world like the Mahabarata, the Eddas, De Civitate Dei, El Cid,
Genji Monogatari, Beowulf, Hsi-yu Chi (Saiyuu ki), the Tripitaka, uh...
Finnegan's Wake...

Anyway, thanks for all your efforts... I hope more contributions come pouring in.

But also, as Eric Brunner has suggested, perhaps we could eschew tangential
conversation, and send replies directly to me,

Thank you muchly,


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