Re: A Search for Exemplary Sentences

Date: Thu Nov 19 1998 - 11:14:42 EST

In response to Rick McGowan's request, I can suggest for English

     The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. (Psalm 23, 1)

and it's original in Hebrew (which I don't have access to at the
moment since I'm on the road).

I could also offer a good example in Northern Thai, but then Lanna
script is not yet defined in Unicode. Even if it were, there isn't a
piece of text-based software in existence that could correctly render
the particular example I have in mind. It's meaning isn't anything
exciting; it's all about how it's written (highly non-linear). I'd be
glad to send along a GIF if you're interested, though.

As for Julia's request, when I get back to the office next week, I can
send you what you're looking for in Thai, or perhaps you can figure
out the reverse of this transliteration:

kham ("word")
kho-khwai sara am

junikhod sip pii maa laew (lit. "Unicode ten year come already")
yo-yak sara-uu no-nuu sara-ii kho-khwai do-dek

I'm guessing at how Unicode should be transliterated into Thai.

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