Internet Mail Consortium report IMCR-010 and Plane 14

From: John Cowan (
Date: Mon Nov 23 1998 - 15:25:57 EST

The Internet Mail Consortium describes itself (at
as an industry consortium "focused on cooperatively managing and
promoting the rapidly-expanding world of electronic mail on the
Internet." Members are listed at
and include AOL, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Netscape, Qualcomm,
and Sun Microsystems.

IMC has released a report (
called "Using International Characters in Internet Mail"; the
current version is 1 August 1998 and is labeled IMCR-010.
(Like RFCs, IMCRs are replaced by other IMCRs, but a given number
identifies a given version forever.)

Most of the i18n information here is IMHO very useful and timely.
Unfortunately, it is a "Recommendation" of the report that
multi-language mail bodies encoded in UTF-8 be tagged with
Plane 14 characters. UTR#7 is cited on all fours with the
HTML 4.0, ISO 639, ISO 2022, ISO 3166, ISO/IEC 8859, ISO/IEC 10646,
and MIME and SMTP RFC standards.

This is a Bad Thing. Plane 14 is not part of the Unicode Standard
yet, still less part of 10646, and was invented for specific
purposes, not for general-purpose labeling of plain text email.
(How must I tag my signature? LANGUAGE TAG, LATIN CAPITAL LETTER X TAG,

Loyal daughters and sons of Sarasvati may wish to write
to in protest, or (if attached to
member companies) to protest through their IMC liaison.

John Cowan
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