Re: Glyphs of new Unicode 3.0 symbols

From: Paul Keinanen (
Date: Mon Nov 23 1998 - 16:17:58 EST

At 18:12 22.11.1998 -0800, Roman Czyborra <> wrote:

>Speaking of Unicode 3.0 (thank you all for the many enlightening
>details!) I would like to express my wish for the following additions
>to the Unicode 3.0 CD-ROM for implementor's convenience:

>3. Add an "ASCII transliteration" mapping to each Unicode character
> so that it can be rendered readable in ASCII contexts

The interesting question is which transliteration should be used.

Take for instance the transliteration of the city of Peking/Beijing. Or look
at the transliteration from Cyrillic, in Finnish it is common to
transliterate Hrustsev (with ordinary s or preferably with s-caron when
available), while the most common English transliteration seems to be

While an US-ASCII transliteration would be nice and even if we limit to
transliterations commonly used in English, there still might be several
transliterations for a single character.


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