Re: Glyphs of new Unicode 3.0 symbols

From: Roman Czyborra (
Date: Mon Nov 23 1998 - 20:43:23 EST

> Please don't download the charts or make local copies.

So the "please don't" about which I have inquired earlier is a "you
mustn't" and "charts" includes the small GIFs?

> making copies fails to respect the legal rights of our font vendors.

Okay, due to the unexpected protest I have made the unicode.bdf.gz
unreadable until this is settled.

> > I also would like to see a standardized APPLE.
> I thought corporate logos were off limits.

According to most dictionaries, an APPLE is as innocent a fruit
growing on trees as a BELL is a musical instrument rather than a
corporate logo. A standardized APPLE character could of course be
used for technical documentation describing Macintosh screens,
keyboards and charsets, though.

And is U+3004 JAPANESE INDUSTRIAL STANDARD SYMBOL no corporate symbol?

> > look at the transliteration from Cyrillic, in Finnish it is common to
> > transliterate Hrustsev while the most common English transliteration
> > seems to be Krushchev.
> Or (my favorite) in German: Khruschtschew (from 6 letters in the original
> Cyrillic, in which "schtsch" is one letter :-)

Хрущёв is *transscribed* as "Khrushchev" into English and as
"Chruschtschow" into German but transcription != transliteration.

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