Re: Glyphs of new Unicode 3.0 symbols

From: John Cowan (
Date: Mon Nov 23 1998 - 21:43:40 EST

Roman Czyborra scripsit:

> I do know that I have to respect the copyrights and therefore I did
> double-check the "Terms of use" located at
> where I found a license
> to use the files for informational purposes in the creation of
> products supporting the Unicode Standard.

The system has a different license, though.

> I was not talking about the underlying proprietary fonts but just the
> coarse bitmap prints that are published on already
> and in such low a "font" quality that they are only usable for
> academic purposes anyway. And it was only a suggestion.

Even so, those 32x32 bitmaps are technically a derivative work, and
the copyright in them belongs to the original designers, under whose
license the Unicode folks are working. In principle, the font owner
could yank the rights to the (high-quality) font from the Consortium
for abuse of license.

> Hm... I could start coordinating something about that in December.
> There are already some incomplete tables in the source codes of
> and

I'll look into this a bit.

> Don't these tables already exist as a by-product of collecting the
> Unicode repertoire from the source standards?

Probably not in electronic form.

> (mapped to Unicode in
> incidentally) contains \jmath as &jnodot;
> - isn't that a source standard and thus strong enough an argument?

Not a *character code* standard.

John Cowan
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