Re: French Cultural Ministry and Email Warfare

From: Markus Kuhn (
Date: Mon Nov 30 1998 - 08:28:40 EST

I suggest that is immediately unsubscribed from and postings from are blocked until the
French Ministry for Culture and Communication has slaughtered its crazy
email system, which obviously violates numerous Internet mail standards
and severely disrupts mailing lists.

Markus wrote on several hundred
> Votre adresse de retour est erronée (elle doit être de la forme
> Corriger là, ou contacter votre administrateur local.
> Votre message destiné à
> ayant pour objet "Erreur de configuration.",
> a toutefois été envoyé. (Jeroen Hellingman) wrote on several times:
> STOP THIS NOW !!!!!!!

You are shouting at a mad computer in a French ministry. There are not
many more hopeless activities on this planet that I could think of ... :-)


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