Re: Emails from

From: Marion Gunn (
Date: Mon Nov 30 1998 - 08:49:18 EST

Tom Garland SMI European Software Centre wrote:
> Anybody else getting spurious emails like this from
> tom

We all are.
Easy enough to stop, though, at least if this list used LISTSERV
software, which I understand might not yet be the case. All the owners
need do (again, under LISTSERV) is delete node user(s) from
their mailing list (it might require a little detective work to match an
existing address to a possible forwarding one for a user of the same
name, but it shouldn't be a very big job to do that).

That's the first option. The second option is to build into the
distributor some anti-spam & anti-duplicate protection (screns).

The third option, if that fails, is for the owner of the to write to, requesting him/her to kill off the offending
address locally. Of course, any ordinary (non-owner) Unicode list user
can terminate the nuisance personally by going straight to option three!

Hope this helps, Saravati dear,

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