Re: Linux & Unicode

From: Arnt Gulbrandsen (
Date: Wed Dec 02 1998 - 19:16:18 EST

"Glen" <>
> Instead, it appears as though the Linux community is
> attempting to create new soon-to-be-legacy single-byte GUIs (with multiple
> double-byte hacked derivatives) as their answer to Windows's growing
> worldwide consistency.

Oh, I probably should reply to this too. Sorry for posting twice when
once would do.

Qt, as far as we developers know, is one hundred per cent UTF16
internally. Some of it was broken in the transition and still hasn't
been fixed, but there is no ASCII left.

I don't expect the KDE's move to be quite as thorough, but it won't be
a mess either. Far from it.

And if anyone wants URLs, the relevant ones are


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