Re: Linux & Unicode

From: Arnt Gulbrandsen (
Date: Wed Dec 02 1998 - 20:15:37 EST
> It's good to ask about Unicode, but bear in mind that the issues go
> well beyond what encoding models are supported by text APIs.

Yes, indeed.

> Correct
> rendering of the various scripts included in Unicode is far from
> trivial, even if only for the writing systems of the major languages
> using those scripts, and not even MS has fully crossed that bridge.
> And rendering is only one of several issues. If you're looking for a
> GUI for Linux that really does what is needed to handle the way the
> world writes, make sure all the issues are addressed!

This is something we expect to spend a lot of time on in the future,
adding support for more details in each new release. In fact, we
don't even think we have a good overview of all the problems yet.

However, one of the many things I like about the Unicode design is
that it's possible to get something up and running correctly, then
flesh it out. You might say that I think the last word of the quoted
paragraph should be "addressable".


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