Re: Unicode repertoire of X11 fonts

From: John Cowan (
Date: Mon Dec 07 1998 - 08:49:40 EST

Markus Kuhn scripsit:

> the Latin/Greek/Hebrew/Armenian/Gregorian/
> Cyrillic, etc. scripts, which do not have variant presentation forms.

More accurately: whose presentation forms (finals in Greek and Hebrew,
ligatures and precomposed combined characters in Latin, Greek, and
Cyrillic, etc.) are given character codes by Unicode.

> When I registered *-iso10646-1 in the XLFD scheme, I felt that it
> was too early to standardize subsets as well, as ISO standards for
> subsets are very early in the queue (especially the CEN/TC304/MES stuff
> for European subsets). We should have another look at this topic in
> summer 1999, when the ISO standards on MES will have gone through the
> ballots.

There are, however, already subsets in 10646 (as distinct from Unicode);
I don't have my copy handy, but I remember that 300 is the numeric
for "the whole BMP" and that most of the subsets,but not all, correspond
to blocks.

John Cowan
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