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From: Julia Oesterle (Unicode) (v-juliao@microsoft.com)
Date: Thu Dec 17 1998 - 16:15:10 EST

Unicode list,
Here are a number of questions from a group of French professors. The
questions include areas of:
-- ancient greek and fonts
-- they want the user to be able to: "type ancient greek/english/french (and
so on) both for the search function and the
annotation function (mainly for the search)."
-- they are working in PC, Microsoft 95 and 98.
-- keyboard issues.

Any help for these professors is appreciated.

Julia Oesterle
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> Dear Sir,
> We are a group of french professors working on a small hypertext project
> including texts in ancient greek, english and french that should be
> marketed on CD-ROM. We have future projects that involve other languages
> (russian, etc.) ans so we wonder if Unicode would not be an appropriate
> solution.
> Our hypertext tool is intended for PC running under Windows 95 (and
> Windows
> 98) and based on Media View Library, a Microsoft software that has not
> been
> designed for Unicode support. But we would like to to adapt it
> accordingly.
> I am responsible for collecting informations about fonts and compatibility
> problems. Unfortunately I am quite ignorant about fonts. Could you please
> help me by answering to some questions ?
> 1) Is there any Unicode font that would include ancient greek
> characters
> (with diacritics signs) and that we could include on our CD-ROM ?
> 2) Which solutions do exist for changing languages in Unicode ? In
> particular, which solutions would be compatible (or could be made
> compatible) with our tool. We need to allow the user to type ancient
> greek/english/french (and so on) both for the search function and the
> annotation function (mainly for the search). Ideally the user would have
> the possibility to type several languages in the same box (search or
> annotation), but we could also consider to type only one language at one
> time in the search and annotation boxes. This depends on the compatibility
> with our tool.
> 3) How does the keyboard mapping work with Unicode ? (do the character
> codes correspond to the keyboard keys - does this involve a programmation
> work ?) How can the user switch the keyboard ?
> 4) In case there was no Unicode font available that includes ancient
> greek
> (or if the cost of it was prohibitive for our small budget), would it be
> possible to use a font that is not intended for Unicode and to adapt it
> according to Unicode (some kind of conversion). Then how could this be
> done
> ?
> Sorry if these questions seem naïve to you, but my knowledge about that
> question is very limited.
> I thank you for reading this message until the end and I hope I do not
> take
> too much of your time.
> Sincerely,
> M. HEMERY, Phronesis@wanadoo.fr

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