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From: Markus Kuhn (
Date: Thu Jan 14 1999 - 07:11:15 EST

Karlsson Kent - keka wrote on 1999-01-14 11:07 UTC:
> > The relevant standard you are looking for is DIN 16507-2.
> Do you have a copy (in English if possible)

I believe there exists only a German version, and I don't have a copy
here in Cambridge. I also have not yet seen the new 1998 revision. Ask
someone from DIN to send you a copy or order it via <>:

  DIN 16507-1, Ausgabe: 1998-09
  Drucktechnik - Schriftgrößen, Maße und Begriffe -
  Teil 1: Bleisatz und verwandte Techniken

  (Norm-Entwurf) DIN 16507-2, Ausgabe: 1998-04
  Drucktechnik - Schriftgrößen - Teil 2: Digitaler
  Satz und verwandte Techniken

DIN 16507-2 costs around 30 EUR, DIN 16507-1 (which I believe to specify
some traditional units) costs around 20 EUR.

You will probably also find copies in the archives of your national
standards body.

Michael Everson wrote:
> What WG would have jurisdiction on this one?

Good question. Candidates might be (roughly in that order):

  TC 130 Graphic Technology

  JTC 1 / SC 34 Document description and processing languages

  TC 46 / SC 4 / WG 6 Electronic publishing

  TC 12 Quantities, units, symbols, conversion factors
                       (responsible for ISO 31 and ISO 1000 (the metric
                       system standards)

  TC 6 / SC 3 Dimensions and grammages of paper, board and pulp
                       products (responsible for ISO 216 metric paper sizes).

Work plan:

  - let's try to get in contact with the authors of DIN 16507 (probably same
    people as the ISO TC130 secretariat) and let's produce an English
    version of it for international discussion

  - let's make a list of people and working groups potentially interested
    and then let's set up an informal mailing list for a discussion to see
    where we stand with metric font sizes

I guess the people at DIN responsible for DIN 16507-2 is the German
mirror of ISO TC 130: NA Druck- und Reproduktionstechnik (NDR) im DIN,
Frau Astrid Weber, phone +49 30 26 01-24 70, fax: +49 30 26 01-12 31
according to <>.

Is anyone with closer contacts to DIN than me interested in following
this up?


Markus G. Kuhn, Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge, UK
Email: mkuhn at,  WWW: <>

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