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> I'm currently working on a CCCII->CNS mapping table by printing out
> CCCII and CNS glyphs side by side... My questions: are these bitmap
> fonts normative?
> PS: CCCII is a collection of CJK glyphs *with glyph variants*, thus a
> 1-1 mapping to Unicode isn't possible (and not very useful too);
> the CCCII fonts contain about 74000 glyphs, the CNS fonts about
> 48000.

It should also be remembered that CCCII closely maps to EACC - the
American National Standard East Asian character code set for
bibliographic use (ANSI Z39.???? - full number mislaid). Most
character placements are the same in both EACC and CCCII: a
relatively small number (100 or so??) are different.

Although an ANSI standard, this is published by NISO (National
Information Standards Organization) in the USA rather than by ANSI
itself (although I suspect ANSI would also sell copies as it's an
ANSI standard).

In relation to Unicode mapping (or not) it may be noted that an
earlier _draft_ of part of Unicode included a table showing the CJK
correspondences between Unicode and GB, CNS, JIS, KSC, _and_ EACC was
included, which was not included in later published versions of UCS
(ISO/IEC 10646 and Unicode).

If CCCII is being documented in relation to CNS (which could
therefore reflect CNS relationships with Unicode) it may be useful to
include EACC relationships in this document too.

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