Re: Origins of oddball CJK compatibility ideographs?

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Date: Fri Jan 15 1999 - 05:12:21 EST

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> The ideographs FA0E, FA0F, FA11, FA13, FA14, FA1F, FA21, FA23, FA24,
> FA27, FA28, and FA29 have no canonical equivalents. The Unicode
> Standard just says they are "duplicates from various industry
> standards", but if they are duplicates, what are they duplicates of?

FA0E to FA2D are from the 360-odd IBM Kanji extensions to JIS X 0208 - you'll
find these in most JIS fonts, and in Microsoft CP932 (Shift-JIS).

Most of the IBM extensions are characters that can be found in
JIS X 0212, or elsewhere in the Unicode CJK area. The characters that
can be found in JIS X 0212 are given code points in the FA0E-FA2D range
for round-trip compatibility, and a few characters that aren't found
in the CJK area are also placed there.

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