Re: CCCII and CNS questions (& EACC facts)

From: John H. Jenkins (
Date: Fri Jan 15 1999 - 11:59:36 EST

>No, my intent is a practical one. Since the available CCCII glyphs are
>very inconsistent in appearance I try to map to CNS as much as
>possible -- I use Omega (the 16bit TeX successor) for printing.
>Unfortunately, the CNS->Unicode mappings in the UNIHAN.TXT file are
>incorrect (not representing the latest CNS version).

*sigh* I know, I know. It's moderately high on my to-do list.

> Anyone working on identifying ideographs that are not in
> Unicode/ISO 10646 should make sure they know about the extensive
> work being done by the Ideographic Rapporteur Group. The IRG is
> responsible to WG2 for the analysis of ideographs. The IRG Web
> site is at
>Thanks for the pointer. But is there any CCCII related stuff? The
>Web page isn't very informative...

No. For some reason, the people responsible for CCCII have not been
involved in IRG work.

John H. Jenkins

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