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Date: Sun Jan 17 1999 - 21:14:33 EST


You wrote:

>> I visited and they say that the companion
>> reference guide to your new book was never printed and is not
>> available for purchase. Has it been cancelled, or will it be
>> available in the future?

I'll tell you the sad story, but it has a happy ending. At first, my
book was to be one volume. Once it got to be a bit big (say, over
1,000 pages), O'Reilly asked me to split it into two volumes. The
second volume, which was to be called "CJKV Reference Guide,"
contained nothing but character set tables and the like. There must
have been a threshold (in terms of number of pages) that I reached
that caused O'Reilly to ask me to stitch the two books back together.

It was in September when the siamese twins were stitched back
together. Fiddling with all the cross-reference I put into each volume
was akin to stitching organs back together. At that time, "CJKV
Information Processing" was about 850 pages or so, and "CJKV Reference
Guide" was about 350 pages. Fiddling with the page format, to reduce
whitespace, enabled me to get rid of about 50 pages without removing
content. That's how it got to 1,128 pages.

To put it simply, the *entire* content of "CJKV Reference Guide" was
merged back into "CJKV Information Processing" shortly before being
published. That volume will never need to be published, because its
entire content has already been published as part of "CJKV Information


-- Ken

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