Re: FW: japanese Java .class files problem

From: John O'Conner (
Date: Thu Jan 21 1999 - 19:29:36 EST

If you translate the .java file and save it as a Unicode encoding, your
customer should compile the file in one of the two following ways:
   javac -encoding Unicode
   This will create a .class file...which does not have, use, or embed any
   font or font information.
   Run the .java file through native2ascii using the following command:
   native2ascii -encoding Unicode
   Rename back to the original
   This will create an ASCII encoded file in which all Unicode characters
   with code points over 0x7f are encoded as \uXXXX strings in the file.
   Run javac, which will compile the file and will assume that
   the file is encoded in the native charset encoding of the host OS, which
   will probably be a superset of ASCII.

You do not need to use another encoding for the .class files. The encoding
for the class files will always be a Unicode encoding, as defined by the
.class file definition. However, your display problems are probably related
to font availability on the client machine on which the application is
running. You probably need to modify your file to include a
font that supports the Japanese characters.

If you can wait, I'm presenting a session at the upcoming IUC conference on
that very issue. Make sure to be there. :)

If you can't wait, please see "Displaying Unicode Characters With Java" in
a recent issue of "Multilingual Computing and Technology" #23 Volume 10
Issue 1. Or perhaps you can convince the IUC people to post the conference
paper of similar title....ugh, I probably really opened a can of worms with
that suggestion...but I'm just trying to help!


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