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Date: Wed Jan 27 1999 - 13:40:19 EST

 _UNICODE affects the C runtime libraries that get compiled and linked in.
UNICODE affects the Win32 API calls in your code. During compile time,
these manifests cause the wide character (Unicode) versions of the APIs to
be used.

You don't need to use either to get Japanese support. However, you may want
to use the _MBCS manifest instead. This will cause your compile and links
to use "multi-byte enabled" libraries for so-called ANSI applications.

If you use UNICODE in your application, you have made the choice to not run
on Windows 95/98 since those platforms do not support most of the Unicode
versions of the Win32 API.

John O'Conner

Venkatesh Murthy N G <> on 01/26/99 10:54:56 PM

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Subject: _UNICODE


what is the difference between #define UNICODE and #define _UNICODE.

To support application to be run with Japanese language support do we
need to include both ?

I need reply soon because some of the API's are giving error if I include
this line i.e. #define UNICODE


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