Re: Synonyms in Unicode Terminology

From: John Cowan (
Date: Wed Jan 27 1999 - 16:03:47 EST

Mirko Raner wrote:

> - script / alphabet

All alphabets are scripts, but not all scripts are alphabets:
some are syllabaries or ideograph collections. (Yes, the word
"ideograph" is a misnomer.)

> - character set / repertoire

"Character set" is not really a well-defined term. Here are the
usual terms:

        character repertoire: a collection (set) of characters
        coded character set: a mapping between integers and characters
        character encoding standard: a mapping between sequences of
                octets and characters
        charset: a MIME synonym for "character encoding standard"

> - font / typeface / glyph collection

A font is a mapping from glyph codes (which are often the same as
character codes) to glyphs. A typeface is a collection of related
fonts differing in size, weight, etc. A glyph collection is a
collection of glyphs. :-)

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