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Date: Wed Jan 27 1999 - 18:46:43 EST

I'm giving a talk on this topic at the next Unicode conference. There will
also be an MSJ article within the next couple of months that talks about
this, including sample code.

F. Avery Bishop
Program Manager, Multilingual Developer Communications

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       JO'C>If you use UNICODE in your application, you have made the
       choice to not run on Windows 95/98 since those platforms do not
       support most of the Unicode versions of the Win32 API.

       Or, at least, you've made the choice to make do without
       complete Unicode support from the Win32 APIs and are willing to
       write your own code for whatever might be needed but is lacking
       on Windows 95/98 (bearing in mind that MS Word 97 uses Unicode,
       even on Windows 95/98).


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