RE: New Membership Category

From: Julie Doll Allen (
Date: Wed Jan 27 1999 - 19:06:14 EST

Since several people mentioned the problem of students and other
non-corporate researchers who might be unable to afford the new category of
Specialist member at $600 per year, I just wanted to point out that the
Consortium continues to have an individual membership category, which is far
less expensive and includes a complimentary copy of the book as part of the
membership cost. See

I also imagine that student (or other) academic researchers working on a
Unicode related thesis or similar project without corporate support could
contact the Consortium office to ask about making arrangements for access to
materials normally available only to the other membership categories. It's
certainly true that many individuals without corporate support make great
contributions and I can't imagine that this new membership category is
intended to discourage such people in any way.

Julie Allen

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