Re: Unicode 3.0 CD-ROM.

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Tue Feb 02 1999 - 14:29:17 EST

Į 12:04 -0800 1999-02-01, Einar Indrišason segši:

>Will there be a CD-ROM accompanying that book? If so, is there a
>possibility of distributing the stuff on the CD in some other format than
>MS-Word? (.pdf / .ps / .raw-bitmaps / plain text)?

And Michael Everson opined vigorously:


There will definitely be a CD-ROM accompanying the publication of
the Unicode Standard, Version 3.0. Its exact contents are still be
worked on, but this we are pretty sure of:

A. It will have a copy of the UNIDATA data files tree from the website,
   as current as we can make it. That will consist mostly of plain
   text files, in exactly the same format that they are available
   on the website.

B. It will have a copy of the published Unicode Technical Reports.
   Chances are that these will all be in the same format that they
   are available on the website: HTML.

C. It will not have a copy of the book itself in any format: .doc,
   .pdf, .ps, or whatever.

So barring some new collection of things that come to our attention that
must go on the CD-ROM, it is unlikely that there will be much content
for which an argument regarding .doc vs. .pdf vs. .ps is of any relevance.

--Ken (Editorial Herder of Cats)

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