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From: Emil Heršak (ehersak@zg.tel.hr)
Date: Fri Feb 05 1999 - 13:47:40 EST

Dear List Member,

Although this is not directly related to the theme of this list - I feel
that certain list members may be able to help me in the following request.

Namely, as the editor-in-chief of the journal MIGRACIJSKE TEME - A JOURNAL
http://pubwww.srce.hr/migra/mt.htm), I am presently trying to redesign, or
more precisely improve the cover design of the journal. The design so far
was a repetition a part of the subtitle of the journal in several languages
and scripts. However, not only is the number of languages still a bit not
representative of the variety that is desired, but there has also been a
problem in the earlier translations. Proceeding from the Croatian original,
"migracije i narodnosti", an English and Western translation "migrations and
nationalities" was originally made, which does not correspond any more to
the subject - i.e. instead of "migrations and nationalities" a more precise
translation today would be "migrations and ethnicities (peoples, etc.)".
Naturely the terms "migration" and "ethnicity" or "ethnicities/peoples etc,"
function as relatively recent terms in many modern languages, so that for
Ancient Egyptian, for example, semantic reconstructions had to be made.

At any rate, the design so far included the following languages: Albanian,
Arabic, Basque*, Bengali, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish*, English, Old
Egyptian, Estonian, Finnish, Flemish*, French*, Ancient German*, Greek,
Georgian, Hausa, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Latin,
Hungarian, Malayalam, Macedonian, Norwegian*, Persian, Polish, Portuguese*,
Romali, Romanian*, Russian, Sanskrit, Slovak, Serbian, Swahili, Spanish*,
Swedish*, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu and Welsh. The languages marked with an
asterisk are still problematic, due to the form "nationalities". Therefore,
I would appreciate help from people on this list would perhaps know the
languages in question, or who could suggest other languages to be added. Of
course, this is basically a cover design, and not an exact document, so some
freedom of variation is acceptable, and exotic scripts/fonts have an
aestetic advantage. In this sense I was looking for Armenian, Inuit, Tamil,
Thai, Tibetan but so far could not locate someone to give me the forms.
Other badly missed languages are Irish and either Lithuanian or Latvian. I
would also hope to receive the historically very important languages -
Akadic and Sumerian.

I would have to get the design completed in the next few days (due to a
deadline on the first issue of 1999), so I would very much appreciate your
e-mail feedback as soon as possible. I can reconstruct the non-European
fonts if given the unicode "coordinates" for the lettering - or else a jpg
capture of the appearance of the script (with, perhaps, a transliteration of
the non-European fonts.


Emil Hersak
Migracije teme/Migration Themes
Zagreb, Croatia

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