RE: UTF-8 in web pages

From: Cw Lai (
Date: Mon Feb 08 1999 - 05:10:08 EST

        John mentioned the user has "their" special chars used in Hong Kong.
If they have their own encoding for these characters I don't think they can
be published on a Web page no matter UTF-8 or BIG5 is used. Since the
browser probably don't have the characters defined or they may not used the
same code point. We don't have standards to communicate these "user defined
characters" across systems today.

        If the user is using the Hong Kong Government extension of BIG5, at
least it is a well known set of characters which are supported by some fonts
in the market. In this case BIG5 must be used since most of these characters
have no place in Unicode yet.

        UTF-8 is only an option when those special characters can be

        CW Lai

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