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Date: Mon Feb 15 1999 - 22:15:07 EST

You could use Word document format as a good exchange. Save the file in
Word97 format (Unicode), and then open it on Word98 (Unicode) on the Mac.
You have several export options from Word98 if that is not the format you
store your documents in.

Since you mention RTF, that itself works well, if your reader on the Mac can
handle RTF (again, Word98 on the Mac, for example).

If formatting is not important, you can also use Unicode plain text files.
Open your RTF in Word97, save as Unicode plain text, then move those to Mac.

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Any help for this fellow -- moving files, in multiple languages, from NT to

Julia Oesterle

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> hello,
> I am looking to find out how I can utilise the Unicode standard in
> order to transfer documents written in Multiple languages from Windows
> NT (98 as well ?) into the Macintosh and maintain all the extended
> character formatting.
> PC RTF files written using the Windows 95 Multillanguage fonts can be
> transferred easiliy with a simple 256 to 256 character conversion matrix
> into Macinitosh encoding. How can I get the Unicode fonts in NT to do
> the same.
> Regards
> Paul Vallance <<Card for Paul Vallance>>

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