Mapping Hindu Numbers for ISO8859_6 and Windows Cp1256

From: Omar Halaseh (
Date: Thu Feb 18 1999 - 17:04:44 EST

There might be an error with mapping number 0-9 digits (0x30-0x39) for
ISO8859-6 into Unicode.

These numbers are in the ASCII sections below 0x7F and should stay as they
are for any code that manipulates digits in string to work.

Currently the ISO8859-6 mapping table maps the 0-9 digits (0x30-0x39) into
the Hindu numbers in Unicode (0x0660 - 0x0669).

However if you compare with Windows Arabic character set Cp1256 the mapping
table correctly mapps 0x30-0x39 into 0x0030-0x0039.

Can you please advice?
Isn't it more proper for the Hinu numbers to be moved from the 0x0660-0x0669
section into the Arabic Presentation section 0xFE7-0XFEFC since they are
just a different shape from the ASCII 0x30-0x39 digits?

Please reply directly to me, I'm not on the list.

Many Thanks.
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