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From: Jungshik Shin (
Date: Wed Feb 24 1999 - 01:37:31 EST

  By mistake, it's only sent to the original poster so I'm sending
it again to the list.

On Tue, 23 Feb 1999, Kevin Bracey wrote:

> I'm implementing a Korean Johab<->Unicode conversion routine for our systems,
> but I don't have a copy of KS X 1001, so I've been relying on Mr Lunde's
> latest blockbuster and

   Wow, this is the first time I've ever seen non-Korean show
significantly more than a 'passing' interest in JOHAB <-> Unicode
conversion(involving U1100 block). Actually, modifying that table to
address the problem you raised and others(about 1,100 incomplete/partial
Hangul syllables of modern Korean represented in 2 octets in JOHAB
encoding should be mapped to 4-6 octets -two or three of U1100 block
jamos- representation in UCS-2 as they -about 1,100 of them- are missing
in UAC00 Hangul pre-composed syllable block) has been at the top of my
TODO list for more half a year.

> Neither are totally clear on the encoding of single Jamo consonants.
> Johab 8841 is definitely the single letter "K" (U+3131), encoded as
> K-filler-filler, and 8444 is definitely "KS" (U+3133), encoded as
> filler-filler-KS.

> But is 8442 (filler-filler-K) a valid alternative representation of "K"?

  This is not an easy-to-answer question. If we lived in an "ideal"
world, I'd say that all JOHAB syllables(complete and incomplete) and
Jamos in JOHAB be mapped to a sequence of two or three Jamos at U1100
block. In a less ideal world, all complete syllables in JOHAB (11,172 of
them) could be mapped to pre-composed Hangul syllables in UAC00 block
while incomplete syllables(as there are no counterparts in UAC00 block)
have to be mapped to a sequence of (two or three) Jamos in U1100 block.
In case of Jamos that stand by themselvs, I believe they should be
treated the same way as incomplete/paritial syllables. .......
In a still less ideal world,........

   I'm sorry I'd rather stop here and promise to get back to the issue
later. I'm so tired at this moment, but I can't leave this question
unanswered (even though incompletely) especially considering I haven't
managed to answer a related question asked at the end of the last
    Jungshik Shin

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