Canonical composition

From: Kevin Bracey (
Date: Tue Mar 02 1999 - 05:54:00 EST

In my application, we have a Font Manager that is unable to satisfactorily
handle non-spacing marks, or other combining characters. Hence I was
intending to normalise to precomposed characters wherever possible, according
to the canonical decompositions.

I had just written a screenful about my thoughts regarding this, when I
discovered draft TR15, whose Normalisation form C seems to do exactly what
I want. Nice work, people.

However, I did note a couple of errors.

Under "Definitions", section 2 should end

      "In such a case, X is said to be the primary cononical composition
       of C and C ."
           0 n+1
Similarly, relating to my other post about Jamo, example "u'" under
"Normalization Form CC Examples" should read

      u' | kaks | k +a +k +s | kaks
                      i m f f

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