RE: Unicode Supported Desk Top Applications

From: Julia Oesterle (Unicode) (
Date: Tue Mar 23 1999 - 18:39:44 EST

Dear Simon,
The Unicode Consorotium encodes characters. We do not design nor make
available fonts. As for the question of which desk top publishing
applications support Unicode, may I suggest that I forward your questions to
the Unicode email distribution list. On this this are developers,
implementers and vendors who have embedded Unicode into their operating
systems and applications.

Those who are involved in the Desk Top publishing realm will most likely be
able to help you with your queries.

If you do not hear from anyone within a week, please feel free to contact us

Julia Oesterle
Administrative Director
Unicode, Inc.

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> Subject: Supported Applications
> To whom it may concern
> As a publisher of many International books and magazines we have a
> requirement to produce many different accented characters. We have looked
> into some of the Euroslavic fonts, and indeed they are an OPTION. What we
> would look for ideally is a flexible solution to fit all our formatting
> needs.
> Currently we are producing directories using Corel Ventura 8 and some in
> Pagemaker 6.5.
> This as per the subject what supported applications are
> their/planned/available in the Desktop Publishing Market.
> Your help is very much appreciated
> Simon Keeton
> Consultant to Metal Bulletin Plc

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