Re: Empty boxes need not be (was Using *-iso10646-1 ...)

From: Mark Leisher (
Date: Mon Apr 12 1999 - 11:56:01 EDT

    Otto> I reckon, Mark Leisher had answered this question, back in
    Otto> 1998-12-11 on 12:41, when he wrote:
>> ... one could use special glyphs for unknown characters in certain
>> blocks, such as the "Last Resort" glyphs (including the "hidden
>> glyphs") available in two forms (below). The trick then is to set this
>> font as a fallback and select the appropriate glyph.
>> BDF font:
>> GIFs:
>> Perhaps Mark Davis could provide an update on the location that was
>> formerly known as:

Otto, things have changed a bit since that message. My font and glyphs are
being extended to include the upcoming Unicode 3.0 blocks.

Please note that my stuff may be changing. There is a table at with some of the proposed
glyphs for ATSUI in MacOS and there may be some changes in one or both glyph

My temporary LastResort stuff is available from:
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