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Date: Fri Apr 23 1999 - 14:39:23 EDT

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> Where can I find a unicode character (SGML) list?

- Roadmaps to the Universal Character Set
  This page indexes a number of real-size maps of ISO/IEC 10646 and Unicode,
  indicating blocks, but not individual characters.

- UTF-8 reference <>:
  This page indexes maps of all characters in the BMP (in UTF-8)

- UTF-8 Unicode List
  This is a list containing code position, character (in UTF-8), name,
  and decomposition of the characters in the BMP.

- Titus Is Testing Unicode Scriptmanagement
  This page indexes a number of character maps, encoded in UTF-8.

- Unicode 2.0 Character List (Incomplete)
  A list of characters (in UTF-8), arranged in character blocks,
  but without giving code values.

- UTF-8 Encoded Korean Page
  This page contains 11,172 Hangul syllables(for modern Korean).

- Unicode 2.1 Charts
  This *official* page indexes character maps that include the glyphs
  in image (GIF) format.

Note that UTF-8 (or any other encoding) can only display glyphs of
characters contained in the fonts you have installed, locally.
Note also that glyphs in an image format will cause rather long trans-
mission times due to the large quantities of data they comprise.

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   Otto Stolz

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