Basic question or maybe not

From: Alfinito, Charles (
Date: Thu Apr 29 1999 - 09:16:46 EDT

The more I see Unicode the less I understand.
My problem is this: I'm looking at an Rich Text Format file that has a
Greek alpha in it. This is represented by \u-3999\'61.

Well the \'61 is a Greek alpha. But convert the Unicode 3999 (0F9F) and I
come up with a Tibetan TA.

Can anyone shed light on this and can anyone explain (simply) how a Unicode
representation appears in an RTF file? What puts it there in the first

My job consists of stripping out RTF code (through program scripts that I
write) from a file and creating a plain ASCII test file. Since Unicode was
introduced it has caused nothing but problems with interpreting what a
character should be.

Also, is there a way when I use WORD 97, 98 that I can make it so no Unicode
is inserted when I save a file as RTF? This would make my life so much


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