RE: wchar.h, wctype.h question

From: Mark Leisher (
Date: Wed May 05 1999 - 14:50:12 EDT

    Christophe> There exists at least two package that can show you how to
    Christophe> do... Following is an old message on this list with URLs for
    Christophe> these two packages. Perhaps, John Cowan and Mark Leisher
    Christophe> could provide you with a more detailed answer.

In fact, the two packages are now very similar with one really fundamental
distinction: UCData supports 32-bit character codes everywhere.

UCData will need a bit of work to deal with platforms that have shorts and
longs larger than 16 and 32 bits respectively if they are loading data files
created on a platform with smaller sizes. Endianess is currently handled

    Christophe> Just a simple question, do you plan to implement "wchar_t is
    Christophe> UCS-4" ?

As an aside, I also have a package that tests some aspects of wchar_t support
in the C/C++ compiler (mostly size, character, and string constant tests).
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