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If you are using Word97, and can find your CD, then you can install the
fonts you need by looking in the directory "valupack\fareast". Run the *.exe
that matches the language you need support for. JPNSUPP.exe for Japanese,
KORSUPP.exe for Korean, CHTSUPP.exe for Traditional Chinese, CHSSUPP.exe for
Simplified Chinese. Word97 (English) does not support Thai. You'll need the
Thai version for that.

Once you install these packages (which include the necessary files for your
OS to support that Asian language, and a font), you can display and print
files in those languages, as long as your printer driver can support Unicode
printing, or you have a raster printer (e.g. inkjet) that uses the TrueType
fonts on your system.

I'm not familiar with the Chinese fonts you list below. If they are
Unicode-encoded TrueType fonts, they will work OK. Some fonts do not have a
Unicode cmap though, and these will not work except on a matching Asian

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> I have several documents with Chinese characters in Microsoft Word,
> but I do not have the fonts. (I also have in Traditional and
> Simplified Chinese, Cantonese, Japanese, Thai and Korean).
> I will need to display these documents in a Global Lotus Notes
> application which will be access by either the US Windows OS, Asian
> Windows OS, etc.
> 1. Basically, do I just need to install these fonts on my system to
> be able to READ and PRINT (not edit) the files? Or do I need special
> unicode fonts?
> 2. If I can not view the fonts because I am using the US OS, will the
> users in Asia be able to view them because thier systems will support
> these fonts?
> Chn JKai MG
> Chn FKai M5
> Browallia New
> Thank you for your help.
> C. Barone
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