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Date: Fri May 07 1999 - 09:12:09 EDT

       On US Windows 9x or NT with Word 97 or later, you can view and
       print Chinese, Japanese or Korean characters in a Word
       document. All it takes is installing appropriate fonts, which
       are available on the Office 97 CD (look in the value pack).
       This assumes that text in these languages is properly encoded
       using Unicode.

       Thai is another situation. On US Windows, you can view the text
       is you have a font containing the Thai characters, but you
       won't get correct glyph selection and positioning. It will
       still be readable, but will be typewriter quality. Again, this
       assumes the text is Unicode encoded and that the font assumes
       Unicode encoding. Such fonts are available with IE5 and,
       supposedly, also with IE4 (though I was never successful in
       downloading them from IE4). They are also included in Office

       Of the fonts you mention, I'm not familiar with the first two.
       Browallia New is a Unicode font for Thai and will do the trick.



> I have several documents with Chinese characters in Microsoft
> but I do not have the fonts. (I also have in Traditional and
> Simplified Chinese, Cantonese, Japanese, Thai and Korean).
> I will need to display these documents in a Global Lotus
> application which will be access by either the US Windows OS,
       Asian > Windows OS, etc.
> 1. Basically, do I just need to install these fonts on my
       system to > be able to READ and PRINT (not edit) the files? Or
       do I need special > unicode fonts?
> 2. If I can not view the fonts because I am using the US OS,
       will the > users in Asia be able to view them because thier
       systems will support > these fonts?
> Chn JKai MG
> Chn FKai M5
> Browallia New
> Thank you for your help.
> C. Barone
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