RE: 3.0 and the Devanagari 'eyelash RA'

From: Becker, Joseph (
Date: Sat May 08 1999 - 15:14:16 EDT

> I gather things are now better in 3.0 with the Devanagari 'eyelash
> RA'. Where do they stand with my suggestion about the RA consonant
> (U+0930) followed by the vowel sign vocalic R ...


Hi, your faithful editors have added to v3.0 a new Consonant RA Rule:


R4a The superscript mark RA[sup] has a special use in representing
consonant RA with vocalic R.

    RA[n] + R[vs] -> R[n] + RA[sup]


As usual, the [] notation here indicates subscript.


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