Re: 5 Hebrew Consonances Shaping

From: Chookij Vanatham (
Date: Tue May 25 1999 - 16:08:12 EDT

Hi Mark,

Would you give me information about ZWJ and ZWNJ ?
I don't know about it at all.

Thanks a lot.

Chookij V.

> Chookij> These ten codepoints, you can input from the keyboard as well.
> Chookij> Here are my questions.
> Chookij> 1. Whenever I hit the keyboard to input these 5 codepoints
> Chookij> (U+05DB, U+05DE, U+05E0, U+05E4, U+05E6) at the end of the
> words,
> Chookij> should I always change these 5 codepoints to the other
> respective
> Chookij> codepoints which are the final forms (U+05DA, U+05DD, U+05DF,
> Chookij> U+05E3, U+05E5) of these 5 consonances ?
> Chookij> 2. What if I read the hebrew text files which have these 5
> Chookij> codepoints (U+05DB, U+05DE, U+05E0, U+05E4, U+05E6) at the end
> of
> Chookij> the words, should I always change them to the final forms ?
> In our rendering system, I always replace the final forms (U+05DA, U+05DD,
> U+05DF, U+05E3, U+05E5) with their nominal forms when loading Hebrew text and
> do context analysis to determine which shape should be used at text drawing
> time. The user can of course change this behavior using the ZWJ and ZWNJ.
> The Arabic script is handled the same way.
> This helped make various operations a lot less error-prone.
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