Re: UTF-7 is dead

From: Joerg Knappen (
Date: Wed May 26 1999 - 12:48:37 EDT

Markus Scherrer schrieb:

> ibm does not back utf-8m as a separate encoding.

Ah, I see. At least it is published as a UNicode draft technical report,
so one can reference it and use it whenever one finds a need for it.

Unfortunately, introducing UNicode means often to reinvent all the wheels
one already has, since the current tools can't handle any of the official
forms of UNicode.

>however, if you want to have yet another encoding for unicode, feel free to
>suggest it or something else as such.
>from my own experience with that endeavour, you have about a 0.1% chance that
>the iso and unicode community will like it

I don't have the time and other ressources to pursue the establishment of
an ISO standard (or official adoption by the UNicode committee), therefore
I choose to publish my idea and open it for everybody who wants to implement.

> on that note, "utf-7d5" may be another nice format, but is nothing official.

I've never claimed that utf-7d5 were official, and I hope the wording on
my www pages is clear in this respect.


--J"org Knappen

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